Trip-X - ( Total Makeover )

Your Stylish Road Partner of all the paths you take in life, Make sure a few of them are dirty...So we present to you the proud sponsors of dirt TRIP - X by AZAD, T - THAAR, R - REST, I - IN, P - PEACE, X - X FACTOR Every beast needs a beauty and this beauty ain’t from the fairytales, She’s downright dirty like a crazy girlfriend which u should at least have once in a lifetime. Lets TRIP together because the trail never ends... So don’t take your trip Just come to us and make your TRIP.

  1. >> Total Makeover of Thar inspired by Jeep Wrangler family.
  2. >> Use of imported original Jeep Wrangler Body kit
  3. >> Upgraded Interiors with foldable seats at rear.
  4. >> Paint work of the entire vehicle – as per customer choice.
  5. >> Accessories like : Mirrors, Tail Lamps, Latches etc