Thar Hipster - ( Total Makeover )

Crafted with Passion and Perfection, Hipster is a free soul in the city of lights giving you another chance to Re-live. So go ahead with Hipsterism, you never know what could be on the other side. A Thar Hipster may not be mainstream but it sure does go with the flow. Our effort inspired by the American Jeep never know how it feels until you feel never get the feel until u feel it!!

  1. >> Total Makeover of Thar inspired by Jeep Wrangler family.
  2. >> Use of in-house made body kit
  3. >> Upgraded Interiors with foldable seats at rear.
  4. >> Paint work of the entire vehicle – as per customer choice.
  5. >> Accessories like : Mirrors, Tail Lamps, Latches etc